Monday, June 6, 2011

Sew Along Skirt Tutorial

I'll be starting posting the pattern today and will finish with it tomorrow...  As always if you have any questions or need any help feel free to contact me or ask for help on the Ravelry board.

Getting Started-

  • Throughout the pattern I will be using my own measurements as an example. Example measurements will be given in [brackets].
  • This tutorial is written with the hems serged and then stitched at 1/4"

You'll Need:
     1 yard of main material
     3/4 yard of accent material
(I used cotton fabric for this project, make sure if you are using a different fabric, such as jersey, that you allow for stretch)
     2 or 3 large matching buttons

Step 1- The Waistband-

     Measure your waist where you want the top of your skirt to sit. [38"] Add to that 1" for hems and 1" for give. [40"] this gives you your "full waist measurement"

    Cut waistband piece 8" x  "full waist measurement" [40" x 8"]
    Cut a piece of interfacing the same size and apply to waistband
    Serge or zig-zag stitch the edges
    Cut a piece 8" x 3" for the button flap.
    Serge or zig-zag stitch the edges
    Sew the waistband and button flap together and press seams

    Fold in half right side together and stitch down the short ends on both sides

    Flip right side out, fold button flap to wear you want it to sit on you, and lay out waist band, cut both sides at an angle for a 1" decrease on each side.

    Place ends right side together and stitch 1/4 seam on each side.
    Flip right side out and press

Step 2- The Body-

 To find the size of your panels- Take your waist measurement and add 2 inches [40"] Divide this number by an odd number so you have an odd number of panels [40/5 = 8 So I have 5, 8" wide panels.] Take the panel width add 1/2" for hems and 2" for angle. [ So I cut 5, 10 1/2" panels 8+2+1/2 = 10 1/2"]

Cut your panel width then however long you want the skirt to be. [I cut mine 17" x 10 1/2"] With the bottom accent the skirt falls below the knee.

Lay the panels out and cut them on each side at a 1" decrease. Serge around the edges and press 1/4" hem.

 Sew all of your panels together into one long piece, press the seam open and top stitch down either side.

The Bottom Accent-

 To get the measurement of the bottom accent measure the width of the base of your skirt [ 50"] Cut a piece the width you need x 3 1/2".[50x 3 1/2] If you dont have a single strip of fabric that long, just cut two even length pieces [ 25 x 3 1/2" (2)] Serge around the edges, and press 1/4" hem.

Then sew the bottom accent to the skirt body,

then attach the waist band.

The Closure-

     You can do this a couple of ways. Sew button holes and attach buttons, sew the buttons on and attach elastic loops, or even sew strips of ribbon to tie in a bow.... This part is all up to you!

I hope this has helped any of you wanting to learn how to sew, and I cant wait to see everyone's completed project!!!

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