Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Episode 17: There's No Place Like Home...


6 Cats Knitting Around Etsy Shop- 15% off with coupon code DARLING, check out "DomestiKated Darling" and "DomestiKated Dorothy" fiber and stitch markers!!!

A Good Yarn/ Fiber Creek (my new LYS... YAY )


In The Queue- Elise Shawl by Evan Plevinski



Zig and Zag Lace Scarf by Jocelyn Prasad using "Wicked" from Ethereal Fibers and US size 5/ 3.75mm

Monster Chunks by Rebecca Danger using Lily's Sugar N Cream in "hot" colorways and Us size 7/4.5mm

Tiny Tea Leaves Cardigan by Melissa LeBarre using Baby Bee in the "Grape Jelly" colorway and US size 7/4.5mm DPNs on the sleeves.

Hubby's Cowl- mystery camo yarn and US size 5/ 4.5mm circs


Jacobs Wool- 40 yards 2-ply worsted

Natural Alpaca Gradient- 170 yards single ply worsted

from Gail at Alpaca and Ewe

Plurk Podcaster Challenge- help out Marigayle from Exchange Student in Fiberland with her Mother Bear KAL

Other Podcasts- Sock Bunny, haven't gotten a chance to watch but i've definitely been anticipating her podcast :)

I will be doing the 100 member giveaway on the next episode :) all members 2-100 are entered and it will be selected with a random # generator!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Episode 16:Hello Arizona Monsoon

This weeks episode there is a little bit of everything, sewing, embroidery, and knitting. And of course a nice sound check performed by an Arizona monsoon... :)